Our cheeses are the result of traditional expertise and methods, which are symbolic of these regions with a long history of cheese-making. As per our fresh dairy products, they benefit from a specific production process (slow maturing), which makes them particularly creamy and tasty.

Each year, several of our products receive awards and distinctions. We innovate constantly so that we can come up with new specialities, particularly in fresh dairy products.

Fresh dairy products and UHT milk (for organic retailers)

14 dairy products for self-service
Organic dairy: Semi-skimmed UHT milk
Organic cream cheese: Natural 0 %, Natural 20 %, Natural 40 %
Organic yoghurts: Plain cow’s milk yoghurts; strawberry, vanilla, lemon, apricot, blueberry, peach, banana cow’s milk yoghurts; Cow’s milk yoghurts with a layer of red fruit, peach/passion fruit; Plain and chestnut sheep’s milk yoghurts

« 1 wheel of Gruyère = 40 kg = 400 litres of raw milk »

Wide range of cheeses and butter (for organic retailers)

21 cheeses for cheese-cutting counters
15 packaged cheeses for self-service
Pressed cheeses made from organic cow’s milk: Emmental, Gruyère labelled France IGP, Comté, Morbier, Raclette
Soft cheeses and blue cheeses made from organic cow’s milk: Munster AOP, Camembert, Carré bio, Brie, Tomme Givrée, Petit Fondu, Fourme, Reblochon de Savoie, Saphir du Velay
Organic sheep’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses: Camembio de brebis, Onctueux de brebis, Brivilac de chèvre, Bûche de chèvre, Camembio de chèvre, Gouda chébis
Organic dairy : Butter

« Our team is available to help you set up or revitalise your cheese cutting counters and self-service aisles. »

cheese selection (for cheese shops, hypermarkets and supermarkets)

5 cheeses for cheese-cutting counters
3 packaged cheeses for self-service
Certified organic range: Gruyère France IGP (portions, râpé, crème de Gruyère France)
Traditional, high-quality range: Munster AOP, Emmental Grand Cru Label Rouge, Brie


All our products can be sold for export.
The Fromagerie in Selles is certified for monitored “Grand Export” by the French government and the Food and Drug Administration.


Biodéal has a specific range of products with the appropriate packaging for the food and catering industries, such as:

  • Fresh dairy products (yoghurts, cream cheese): 1,000 l container, 5 or 10kg pots, specific sizes (100g)
  • UHT milk:1 L
  • Pasteurized milk : 1,000 l container
  • Emmental : 5 or 25 kg
  • Emmental grated or in a block
  • Gruyère grated
  • Soft sheep’s milk cheeses
  • Sections of Brie, camembert, carré