Organic and fair trade dairy products; this is what Biodéal is all about. Since the very beginning, Biodéal has been committed to a fair trade approach towards all its organic milk producers, with multi-year contracts that ensure they get a fair price for their milk, based on the costs of production.

In this way, Biodéal contributes towards sustaining farms and encourages their conversion to organic farming. It is one of the pioneers of the north-north fair trade initiative which is gradually becoming more structured in France.

« A fair price, from the producer to the consumer »

« We believe that organic is not just about products that are healthy and environmentally-friendly, it’s also about a socio-economic model, a way of life that respects people and the environment. Is this a utopian ideal? Not at all. The north-north fair trade alliance, which we are helping to set up in the dairy sector, is proof that organic generates viable jobs and economic activity that sustains the countryside. To ensure success, all the links in the chain (milk producers, processors, retailers, consumers) need to cooperate as part of a transparent approach and with fair prices/pay at each stage of the process. » Adnan JaouiCEO of Biodéal

« For every litre of organic UHT milk sold by Biodéal, 68% of the price goes to the producer. »


Haute-Loire :

creation of the first fair trade organic cow’s milk channel (2000)

Haute-Saône :

development of an organic cow’s milk channel and installation of Biolait in the region (2011)

Grand Est :

first steps taken towards establishing an organic goat’s milk and sheep’s milk channel

« Biodéal’s commitment supports the sustainability of farming organisations and boosts conversions to organic agriculture »

« Constructing sustainable relations »

« In 1998, the retailer Biocoop and the Biolait group of milk producers wanted to construct a sustainable relationship but the intermediate link with processors was missing. So we met Adnan Jaoui, who had set up Lactabio in 2000 (which became Biodéal in 2010) and who would provide the interface with several French processors. This enabled us to set up a fair trade network, ensuring fair prices for organic milk producers, based on multi-year contracts. Biodéal then became a processor itself. Not only did this experiment turn out to be a success, it also inspired other initiatives, which is a good thing. »
Jacques Chironco-founder of Biolait,
French group of milk producers

« A company that listens to producers »

« In 2012, the Fruitière de Lavigney cheese-making plant was about to close down. The arrival of Biodéal not only saved the business – and therefore jobs – it also expanded activities with its organic Gruyère. Biodéal also listens to its milk producers. In 2013, for example, when the price of milk offered by the new collector dropped compared with the previous year, Biodéal paid us compensation to make up for the loss. It’s a company with which we have a constructive business relationship. »
Catherine Poulnotproducer of organic milk in Roche-et-Raucourt (70)